Draft law No. 48-15 relating to the regulation of the electricity sector

The electricity market in Morocco is partially open to competition for the production and commercialization of electrical energy from renewable energy sources for customers connected to VHV / HV / MV, in accordance with the law 13-09 renewable energy.

Indeed, the new legislative framework for the renewable energy sector offers the possibility to private operators to develop electricity generation projects from renewable sources and to sell electricity to a consumer of their choice with a guaranteed right of access to the national power grids within the limit of available technical capacity of networks. It also offers the ability to export electricity from renewable sources and private developers to achieve, for their own use, direct transmission lines, when the capacity of the national electricity transmission network and interconnections are insufficient.

To accompany the profound changes occurred in the renewable energy sector, it is planned to establish a national regulatory authority independent from energy operators for the definition of tariffs and conditions for access to the networks and interconnections.

Draft law No. 48-15 relating to the regulation of the electricity sector has been developed in consultation with all stakeholders in the power sector and based on the national scheme of the electricity sector regulation adopted in 2012 by the operators and relevant government departments, which has been developed on regulatory principles as follows:

  • Continuing public service principles guaranteeing everyone the supply of electricity throughout the territory;
  • Creation of an entity dedicated to the management of the national transmission electricity network in the ONEE;
  • Creation of an independent national regulatory authority for the power sector.

Under the new law 48-15, the National Authority for Electricity Regulation, which will ensure the well-functioning of the free market for electricity generated from renewable sources and will regulate the access of self-producers to the national electricity transmission grid under the opening and liberalization in accordance with the law 13-09 renewable energy. This free market, where all electricity supplier which produce electricity from renewable sources may, in compliance with current regulations, commercialize in the electrical energy market in Morocco and abroad, may be extended as provided by laws and regulations to be adopted for this purpose.

First of all, this creation will allow to give a strong signal of modernization of the sector and independence from the operators of the electricity sector and secondly, to support future changes that will occur in the electricity sector, in notably the deepening of the opening of the electricity market and changes that will occur in the different activities related to the power sector.

The draft law No. 48-15 relating to the regulation of the electricity sector was adopted by the Council of Government in 17th September 2015.