The reform and modernization of the legislative and regulatory framework governing the mining sector is among the priority projects of the Department of Energy and Mines. The Law No. 33-13 relating to mines, repealing the mining regulation, dated April 16, 1951, is to give further impetus to the mining industry in view of the benefits it provides to both national and foreign investors.

This law aims to revival the exploration and mining research in order to identify new deposits while ensuring a sustainable development of the national mining industry.

The main measures introduced in this project consists of the extension of the application of mining legislation field at all mineral substances used in industry excluding construction and civil engineering materials that remain governed by the text on careers .

The law also established new mining titles, namely the exploration authorization offering investors the possibility to develop exploration programs over a large area.

Similarly, this law introduced the operating license of tailings and slagheaps planned for enrichment and / or recovery of masses consisting of waste and residues mining products, as well as provisions relating to natural or artificial cavities for the underground storage of natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons, liquefied or gaseous, or chemicals for industrial use.

In environmental matters, the law has provisions regarding the impact study on the environment and the abandonment plan to be provided for activities related to mining activity.

This law contains 122 articles divided into eight titles:

  • Title I: General provisions;
  • Two Title: The authorization for exploration and research permit
  • Three Title: Mining Licenses
  • Title Four: the provisions common to all permittees
  • Title Five: provisions relating to operating licenses dumps and slagheaps
  • Title Six: provisions for research permit cavities and operating licenses cavities
  • Seven Title: Control, ascertainment, Offences and Sanctions
  • Title Eight: various Provisions, Transitional and Final

The full text of the law n° 33-13 relating to mines is published in BO No. 6384 of August 6, 2015.