Mining Region of Tafilalet and Figuig has always been considered as a high vocation mining region. Since long time, it is the site of a significant production lead-zinc. Indeed, hundreds of lodgings of of these substances are known and have been the subject of works of varying importance. From the legal point of view, artisanal mining, operated in this region, is governed by the Dahir of 1st December 1960 that created in parallel the Central collecting and Development of the mining region of Tafilalet and Figuig (CADETAF) , public institution with legal personality and financial autonomy. This establishment, under the technical supervision of the Ministry in charge of mines is responsible for:

This, under the technical supervision of the Ministry of Mines is responsible for:

  • Collecting and buying minerals extracted in artisanal farms;
  • Marketing of lead ores, zinc and barite extracted from the region with the most advantageous conditions for artisanal miners by ensuring a permanent outlet;
  • Support, technical assistance, research and execution of any work able to ensure the development of these farms to the industrial stage.

The right to engage artisanal mining in the CADETAF zone is applied in view of an authorization issued by a tripartite commission composed of representatives of the Regional Directorate and / or Provincial Department of Energy and Mines, CADETAF and local authorities.

On the Commercialization plan of products extracted by artisanal miners, the CADETAF has collecting centers equipped with weighing means, analysis and storage.

Artisans are paid on the basis of prices calculated from the CIF value after deducting all charges of approach and a margin determined by order of the Minister of Mines. This margin, that rate has undergone several revisions to take account of the economic situation and ensure adequate compensation of the artisan is currently:

  • 15% for lead ores;
  • 10% for zinc minerals;
  • 10 DH / T barite;
  • 300 DH / T for alquifoux.

Currently, it is recognized that artisanal mining cannot be developed in this region. The mineralization becoming deeper that the advanced development needs means and methods greatly exceeding the ability of artisans. It has therefore become imperative to restructure artisanal mining activity.

This restructuration, which will be operated by encouraging openness to private initiative while ensuring the preservation of the rights of artisanal miners currently working in the CADETAF area concerns the following points:

  • The revision of the regulations governing mining in this region of Tafilalet and Figuig without making a break with Dahir of 1960 establishing it. Currently, a draft law amending and supplementing the Dahir of 1 December 1960 is submitted to the approval pathway;
  • Sensitize and involvement of artisans in this restructuring process;
  • Social support of the artisans.

In this context, information and sensitization meetings were organized with artisanal miners in the presence of local authorities, elected representatives from the region, representatives of civil society and mining operators concerned to share the vision of the Department on the restructuring project. These meetings crowned by the organization of a national forum on the restructuring of artisanal mining activity in January 2015 in the Skhirate Congrès Palais, during which the road map of the draft this restructuring was presented.

The project in question expects the intervention of private operators through partnership arrangements with artisanal miners based on a compensation system with a fixed taxes and royalties in case of discovery of a commercial deposit. The objective is to ensure the integration of mining in this region, which covers an area of 60 000 km2 and contains promising mining potential currently exploited by traditional methods, in the process of development and the dynamism known by the national mining sector.