Ensuring sustainability of human resources skills to support the Department development

By the year 2020, fifty per cent of the staff will go into retirement. This major challenge can turn into an opportunity to strengthen the skills of the officials, particularly through the following projects:

  • Project 1: Updating the Department Repository of Jobs and Skills (REC) and implementing a Job and Competency Planning Solution

    This project will enable to link the staff skills with the Department strategic objectives. It will also allow adapting the competencies to the Department future needs. This project, for instance, aims to map the existing skills, identify those that should be developed to achieve the Department goals and find solutions to fill the gaps in skills.

  • Project 2: Strengthening the managerial culture within the Department of Energy and Mines:

    As part of a global vision, the Department of Energy and Mines, has committed to implement a quality management system. This management system is part of a modernization project, which will enable the Department of Energy and Mines to be more efficient and able to meet the future challenges.

    The project "Strengthening the managerial culture" aims in particular:

    • To guarantee a quality public service;
    • To meet the expectations of citizens, operators and national and international partners;
    • To ensure the staff development;
    • To optimize the Department’s resources.
  • The German Technical Cooperation (GIZ) supported the first phase of the project, which started in March 2009 and ended in July 2010. This phase covers the following stages:
    • Self-assessment of the initial management system;
    • Development and sharing of the Department Charter
    • Identification of the key processes of the Department
    • Proposals for improvement of the organizational structure

  • The second phase of the project, always supported by GIZ, started in September 2010 and ended in December 2012. During this phase, 22 key processes were formalized.

  • The third phase of the project, which started in December 2015, is currently being carried within the framework of the public tender N°1/2014/SG. It will last 15 months and consists of the following stages:
    • Assessing and improving the 22 already formalized processes
    • Formalizing and improving new key processes of the Department
    • Preparing the certification of the processes