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In accordance with the High Royal Directives encouraging the implementation of s ...

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Morocco's Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment and IRENA sign strategic par ...

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Mr RABBAH presides the presentation ceremony of Morocco Mining Plan (PMM) 2021 - 2030

In accordance with the High Royal Directives encouraging the implementation of sectoral strategies and government policy, Mr Aziz RABBAH, Morocco's Minister of Energy, Mines, and Environment, presided, on Monday the 21st June 2021, the presentation ceremony of Morocco Mining Plan 2021-2030 (PMM) at the ministry's headquarters in Rabat.

The Minister said that the Morocco Mining Plan, which is an update of the development strategy put in place for the period 2013 - 2025, strives to give a new impetus to the national mining sector in order to enhance its performance and its economic and social impacts. It also aims to meet the intrinsic challenges facing this vital sector, including the need to discover new deposits, the optimization of the added value of the mineral substances exploited and the affirmation of sustainable development and extrinsic issues in relation to social and environmental requirements.

Mr RABBAH also precised that this Plan has capitalized on the achievements of this strategy and has made the necessary and appropriate adjustments, taking into account the economic imperatives and the convergence of the interests of various stakeholders, in order to make the mining sector a driving force for responsible and sustainable development at the local, regional and national levels, combining good governance, economic integration and the respect of the environment.

The Morocco Mining Plan lays the foundations of a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to the development of an efficient and competitive national mining sector. Therfore, the Plan is built around four strategic pillars, namely: the development of a network of competitive players, the overhaul of the sector's institutional organization, the strengthening of the social impact and of the responsible and sustainable character of the mining sector, and the adaptation of the legislative framework and of the financial and fiscal means to the new ambitions of the sector.

From these pillars, derived 21 development axes, 58 levers and 127 actions to ensure the operationalization of the Morocco Mining Plan and to guarantee its implementation.

To support and accompany the implementation of the Morocco Mining Plan, many measures have been put in place. These various actions and measures are transcribed in an action plan spread over the period 2021-2030. Moreover, governance structures, whose role is to oversee the implementation of this Plan, have been set up.