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In accordance with the High Royal Directives encouraging the implementation of s ...

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On the sidelines of the Climate Action Summit, Mr. Aziz RABBAH, met on September 24, 2019 in New York, with Mr. Frank Rijsberman, Director General of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI). During this meeting, the Minister and the Director General of the GGGI reviewed the progress of projects under way in Morocco with this institution, including the "Organic Waste Energy Program in Morocco - Waste2Energy" which consists of transformation of waste into biogas waste and organic fertilizers, through biodigesters, and mineralization / degradation through a 100% sustainable treatment.

The ways of widening the scope of cooperation with the GGGI to other sectors and themes were also raised with the aim of ensuring a transition towards a green and inclusive economy. The meeting was also an opportunity for the Minister to thank the Global Green Growth Institute for its support of the Initiative launched by Morocco and Ethiopia at the Climate Action Summit, on access to sustainable energy. In addition, the Minister confirmed his participation as an observer in the General Assembly of GGGI, scheduled for October 24 in Korea, which would coincide with the 8th International Conference of Renewable Energies.

During his stay in New York, the Minister also held a bilateral meeting with Ms. Arlette SOUDAN NONAULT, Minister of Tourism and Environment of the Republic of Congo, during which an exchange of views took place about the means necessary for the effective management of household waste and on possible avenues for creating an overall momentum around the Congo Basin as part of the process of operationalizing the climate commission dedicated to this sub-region.