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In accordance with the High Royal Directives encouraging the implementation of s ...

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Morocco's Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment and IRENA sign strategic par ...

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Vision & Missions

The Department of Energy and Mining of the Ministry of Energy, Mining, and environment is responsible for:

  • Setting and implementing government policy in the fields of energy, mining and geology ;
  • Supervising the state-owned enterprises and public institutions under its jurisdiction as well as the control of other sectors under its authority, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force ;
  • Ensuring the proper management and development of the geological, energy and mining assets ;
  • Enforcing guidelines for geological research and exploration of the country's soil and subsoil resources ;
  • Taking the necessary options and measures to guarantee the security of energy supplies, generalize access of rural and urban populations to commercial energy services, and ensure the safety of people and of energy and mining facilities ;
  • Enforcing strategic storage policy and undertake emergency measures for security of energy supplies in case of a crisis ;
  • Ensuring a permanent strategic and forward-looking vision that allows, in particular, for harmonious institutional development, continuous adaptation, and the development of energy, mining and geological sectors;
  • Ensuring the organization and operation of the electricity, gas and oil markets, as part of the consolidation of a liberalized energy market that is integrated in its regional environment, notably by strengthening exchanges through interconnections, in order to allow the country to play an active role in the regional and international development dynamics of the sector;
  • Facilitating actions aimed at strengthening exchanges of ideas and consultation with all administrations, organizations and partners involved in the development of the energy and mining sectors ;
  • Establishing the databases and information necessary for the preparation of economic and strategic analyzes and impact studies, through the establishment of a system of energy and mining observation and planning;
  • Ensuring the promotion of national engineering in the energy, mining and geological fields, as well as the training of the required human capacities and the preparation of the necessary management structures.