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Sectors :
Title Summary N# AO Date
Note de conjoncture 2018 Interpretations of Energy IndicatorsObservation and prospective2018
Chiffres clés annuels 2017General data on hydrocarbons, electrical energy and CO2 emissions due to energy consumptionObservation and prospective2017
IDR Morocco 2019In Depth Review of Moroccan Energy policies by IEAObservation and prospective2019
CRN reportsThe reports contain the opinion of the CRN on the regulatory texts proposed by the AMSSNuR Moroccan Nuclear and Radiological Safety and Security Agency. NUCLEAR
SER reportCRED has prepared a self-evaluation report (SER) which has covered the 19 areas related to the progress status and state of development of the country's nuclear infrastructures, in accordance with the methodology recommended by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)NUCLEAR
INIR mission reportThe report of the INIR mission contains recommendations, suggestions and best practices.NUCLEAR